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I have assisted hundreds of couples over the span of 17 years who have come to me stating, "we tried it once, but never got any seems like we still keep on experiencing the same painful patterns over and over again".

My approach is a 3-step process:  (1)  I meet with each partner individually, taking a complete history, including childhood and previous relationships. (2)  I then meet with the two of you together and discuss my findings and identify the problematic area's.  This may require individual as well as couple therapy.  (3) Together, we will co-create a strategy for healing and loving one another on a deeper, more realistic level.   I guarentee, by the end of your third session, you will know your specific problematic issues and how to address them effectively.

Whether you are in a troubled marriage, relationship, dating, or would like to start off "right" with pre-marital counseling, I welcome the opportunity to work with you and you significant-other.

 I am comfortable working with both straight and gay relationships. For more information, call for a consultation at 760-218-1571.


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