What is Co-dependency?

The term “co-dependency” evolved from the original concept of “enabler” in the context of alcoholism.
In the 1980's the term codependency began to be used in the context of “taking care of others at your own expense.”  Codependency can cripple a relationship, and can begin a cycle of repetitive, painful relationships.  Below are just a few *codependent characteristics:

  • minimizing how you truly feel, for fear of rejection
  • taking care of others, yet resent it when you feel “no one is here for me”
  • masking what you are truly feeling with humor, anger, or isolation
  • unable to recognize emotionally unavailability in others
  • remaining in harmful relationships due to extreme loyalty
  • always having to appear right, feeling shame and guilt if your not perfect
  • you freely give advice, even when not asked, often thinking your way is superior

These are just a few characteristics that may help you identify codependency traits.   For more information, please give me a call to set up an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation, and begin you codependency recovery.

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*Codependent Anonymous, “Patterns and Characteristics of Codependence
for complete list, see:

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