Anxiety can imobilize, and for some, is the precurer to a panic attack.  It is often difficult for the person impacted by anxiety to understand what it happening to him/her.  Likewise, for someone observing a person in a panic attack, they are at loss what to do. Anxiety can come on after a triggering event, or it may become simple the way a person lives their days, feeling always in a state of anxiety.

Anxiety is often sucessfully treated with medication and psychotherapy.  Depending on the severity, some individuals may experience relief through psychotherapy alone.  Symptoms include rapid heart pulputations, sweaty hands, a feeling of doom, stort-term paralysis, feelings as though someone is chocking them.  Many times one goes to the ER thinking he/she is having a heart attack, only to be told "it is nerves."

My treatment approach is wholistic, by teaching mindfullness, sometimes meditaton, and relaxing methods.  With this, I also blen in issues that may have been the catalyst for triggering the origninal anxiety.  Together, many experience a new way of dealing with their anxious feelings to "nip it in the bud" before it begins to overrun your day, or a technique for stopping a full-on panic attack.

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